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● Why you'll never get it (awakening, enlightenment) intellectually.

● Why the Now is all there is.

● What makes staying in the Now moment difficult for most people.

● The Game of Black and White how you may be playing it, and how this game causes the suffering in your life.

● Why separate things and events -as common-sensical as they seem to be- are nothing more than illusions created by the mind.

● How language keeps us out of the Now moment.

● Why anger, fear, depression, anxiety, sadness and other unpleasant feelings are directly connected to your feeling that you are a separate Self.

● Why you'll never get rid of what you don't want.

● Why the »Shadow« is the same as Eckhart Tolle's »Pain Body«, and how in embracing and reowning your shadow parts you can eliminate the pain body - and your suffering.

● How to access the wise and compassionate part of yourself that knows exactly what to do - or not do - in each moment.

● Two ways a person can wake up.

● The weird idea that though doing happens, there is no separate doer.

● The incredible value of a daily practice in waking up and how to create one.

● How to find your purpose.

● How everything takes care of itself when you are in the Now moment.


This phone call interview is also available as a printable PDF script document (27 pages) in English and German translation. Click here for a download or for instance read the german translation simultaneously when hearing the soundtrack.